Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Peace by Piece by Piece

My hope is that Drake LaRue and Ariel Botswinger are now in Cambridge surprising Rick on the eve of his surgery, nothing compares to a visit like that except maybe an email from the Horrible F.U. Fisher which summarizes the situation well...
" Rick, I can't believe the wierd cosmic juxtaposition of you and Pete getting sick at the same time. As terrible as this ordeal must be for you both, I also can't help thinking about how this forum ,and especially your nightly musings (which we all look forward to like a visit from an old friend), have created a beautiful positive community. Sure we'd expect the McNally clan to hang tough, but your plight ,and the classy dignity that you and Peter share with us adopted McNallys, is inspirational. You are the sick guys, but you are making us healthier through all the positive waves created by the forum. On a personal note, I've even been blessed with a great new friend, Allan, King of the Sawx good luck tomorrow.....with all the love and prayers this saga is manifesting I am sure that you will come out great! Then its full focus on Peter, King of the Yankee Fans!"


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