Friday, December 28, 2007

The Kennedy Center Awards

I posted "Surf's Up" on Christmas day because while wrapping presents and getting ready for Christmas, a tribute to Brian Wilson came on TV and really made me stop and pause and enjoy the moment I was in. I was very grateful that his music had the power to take me somewhere else. A few nights later, I happened to be watching TV when the Kennedy Center Awards aired and enjoyed watching that tribute to Brian as well. Today, Michael forwarded this email from one of his friends and I thought it needed to be here because it's part of the Brian Wilson Holiday Serendipity...thing.

"...And no art form touches people like music. It can penetrate
any soul. It requires no sit-down viewing, no particular attention.
A tune can catch you when you're not paying attention, and
grab you by the hand and take you to a land where love and
happiness rule.

Brian Wilson knows this land."


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