Monday, April 14, 2008

A Post from Patty's Blog

"My mother rocks...literally. She rocks babies every Wednesday morning for an Easter Seals nursery. Early in the morning, her girlfriend Jeanne picks her up. Between the two of these women, they've given birth to and raised 16 kids. They drive the back roads to get to the nursery, staying off the Interstate and avoiding the traffic of snowbirds and tee times. They've been doing this for about six months and it's so funny to hear my mom talk about it. She has first-step stories, and tumbles and crawling tales. She has something to say about each little infant.Her job is simply to rock them. She cradles each baby in turn, calming the criers, soothing the teethers. It fills me with great hope that in this cold and jaded world there are people like my mother and her friend who are so loving they actually change the world around them, armed with nothing but lullabies. She can calm any baby, including me, one of her biggest. (Just wanted to say I love you Mom and how proud I am to be your daughter.) Love,Patty"


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