Friday, August 08, 2008

Have A Seat

Had breakfast at the Paris Bakery in West Palm Beach and found my chair. I have to admit it's really fun to have my own chair at the Paris Bakery. It's like having a very minimal outdoor office in a remote location that serves espresso. I bought this chair a few years ago at a party in the "dig-zone". The "dig-zone" was a name my sister Patty made up for the little neighborhood that surrounded her old office. Besieged by redevelopment and construction delays, the little shops and restaurants were very difficult to reach and patrons had to negotiate torn up sidewalks and yellow-taped off- limit areas just to get a sandwich or a cup of coffee and many people simply avoided the area. Patty helped turn things around by creating a very comical map and brochure about the "dig-zone" which she then convinced the town council to produce and distribute. After that she started organizing some street events and parties and the newspapers picked up on the story and people were curious enough to start checking out and patronizing the "dig-zone" restaurants. Now the work is completed and all that remains of the dig zone is the story and some chairs.


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