Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Day After Christmas

On the Day after Christmas, Ellen, Alice and I tried to go to Frenchtown for the day.  An accident on the highway slowed traffic to a standstill and we took the exit for Tewksbury and soon after found our way the antique store pictured above.  It isn't where we planned to be that day but the funny thing is the first thing that caught my eye was an antique toy merry-go-round truck (right beside a giant frog cookie jar) A very cool find because when I was four years old in New Orleans, my father had a merry-go-round truck come to our driveway for my birthday party. It was completely magical. My brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors rode for hours and it's a really vivid early memory. Finding that toy the day after Christmas, in a place I so accidentally visited, made me happy.



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