Friday, August 28, 2009


The best part about living in the northeast and surviving the long winters is knowing that eventually late august spreads out a bounty that makes you forget everything except the summer moment you're in.


Anonymous KC said...

Summer Sonnet

wisteria and honeysuckle
air so plankton thick it
scents an atmosphere fecund
as the sea and spawns a school

of frenzied creatures
feeding in the night
diving to devour the light
and now you know that you no longer

breathe with lungs but suck in
life through slits - nostrils
which once upon a time were gills
and a drop licked on your skin

tastes of salt and thunder rolls
inside the ivory shells
that are our ears and the sea
smashes cliffs we cannot see

now the sun has set
the moon not risen yet


5:41 AM  

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