Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Monkey Bar

Growing up in Kinnelon, we lived in a house that was rumored to have been a speakeasy during prohibition. Our front door was steel and had a peek-a-boo window in it. The living room floors were terrazzo and there was a domed ceiling rimmed with colored lights and centered on the back wall a large, black marble fireplace. It was easy to imagine dancing in this room -and of course there was also the Monkey Bar. A bar in a separate building with a dark mahogany bar and red bar stools, with chandeliers made from martini glasses with bent stems and people with 4 eyes. There were sound effects ( a train whistle in the bathroom) and air pumps that would blow your money off the bar. There were some rubber monkeys in there too and I remember my father saying that the bar was modeled after the Monkey Bar in ny. I looked up the Monkey Bar today and it's still around, recently refurbished and apparently all the rage - you have to know someone to get a table.


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