Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Great Teacher

"I met your Mom Gert, at Heartland, while visiting with my Mom,
Muriel. Over the months, we had frequent visits, and as I got to
know Gert, my respect and admiration for her quickly grew.
I learned so much by her example about what real love is, how
infinite patience can be, the strength of true commitment and
how to deal with loss. This quiet, gentle lady showed the
courage of a warrior and the heart of a saint. She always found
the beauty and joy around her and remained open to the
enjoyment of life, even on more difficult days. All of this
under one of life's most difficult of circumstances.

Gert has my ultimate respect and affection and will always
remain one of the few great teachers in my life. She will
always hold a place in my heart. "

I am posting this to remind you.


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