Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tomorrow's Conference at Bard

Attending an Arts Education Conference in the morning in this lovely building on the campus at Bard. Bard is where i wanted to go to school when i was 17. It will be nice to see the campus tomorrow. Here's some "stuff" from the day. This is what I do.


Greg McCaslin – Keynote Speaker
Connecting Students to the Curriculum and Each Other Through Arts Integration
Arts-integrated instruction supports a connectedness that allows for and encourages students to develop knowledge that merges subject area content across academic domains, allowing for its application. At the same time, arts integration rewards and enhances students’ social and emotional learning.

John Cimino – Keynote Speaker
The Big Picture and the Inner Work of Art: Four Concept Words for What We Strive For
When engaged by the arts, something happens to the quality of our attentiveness, the fine tuning of our senses, and the range and power of our imaginations. We focus, we perceive deeply and differently, and new configurations of reality begin to feel possible. In his talk, John Cimino visits the realms of neuroscience, metaphor and four overarching concept words for deepening intuition concerning the arts and learning (fantasia, consilience, apericolea & coeur). In so doing, he also explores what he calls "the inner work of art", the personal disciplines and mind processes which give birth to new visions, changes in perspective, creativity, learning and self-discovery.

Livia Vanaver, Vanaver Caravan – Model Partnership
Livia Vanaver of Vanaver Caravan will present an arts-integrated science lesson which studies forces of motion through contact improvisation, a dance form that uses the concepts of sharing weight and explores the qualities and properties of movement.

Julie Kabat and Susan Griss
Beyond Paper and Pencil: Bringing Literacy to Life through the Arts
Strategies from the performing arts can be engaging and powerful tools to help students develop reading comprehension skills and literacy. In this experiential workshop, participants will integrate music and creative movement into ELA curriculum. Participants will reflect on the activities and discuss the value of arts-integrated learning.

Darlene Forrest, Bard Institute of Thinking and Writing
Keeping the Eye on the Art Object
Too often when we look at pictorial images, we use them to go off on what E. M. Forster calls “alien visions.” In doing this, we rarely see what is in front of us, or we see only partially. In this workshop participants will use two different approaches to working with art objects. These approaches are available to all viewers regardless of their background or experience and will help students become better at seeing and better at interpreting what they see, as well as improve literacy skills.


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