Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Proud of My Sister

Some 200 guests attended the highly-acclaimed "Front Lines of Hope" Discussion Series at Scripps Florida in Jupiter on January 21, featuring Dr. Claes Wahlestedt, Professor and Director of Neuroscience Discoveries at Scripps Florida and Patty Doherty who founded with her family The Unforgettable Fund. Dr. Wahlestedt and Mrs. Doherty discussed the devastating effects of Alzheimer's and the hopes for combating it in the future at this invitation-only event sponsored by the Scripps Florida Council.
Patty McNally Doherty is one of seven children whose father, Richard McNally, died from Alzheimer's in 2006. She spoke to the audience about her families personal experience embroiled in her father's 11 year battle with Alzheimer's. Mrs. Doherty and her family founded The Unforgettable Fund, to honor their father's memory and raise money for Alzheimer's research. The Fund's three-pronged mission is to raise money dedicated exclusively for Alzheimer's research, to be a voice for the Alzheimer's community, and to serve as a collective memory bank for families affected by the disease. To date, The Unforgettable Fund – - has raised $50,000 to aid in the work being done in the Scripps Florida research laboratories to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease.


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