Friday, September 10, 2010

Poet Laureate

The Edges of Time

It is at the edges
that time thins.
Time which had been
dense and viscous
as amber suspending
intentions like bees
unseizes them. A
humming begins,
apparently coming
from stacks of
put-off things or
just in back. A
racket of claims now,
as time flattens. A
glittering fan of things
competing to happen,
brilliant and urgent
as fish when seas

Kay Ryan

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Photos from the Summer Vacation

Jackie on her balcony with Ryan and Owen, below the reef where they learned to snorkel.

The Track at Twilight

With my iPod on random shuffle and the playlist perfected in heaven, I get to walk to it, into a sunset, a pick up game with soccer players centerfield, mothers and children walking alongside me on the track and the marching band practicing just a few yards away- beautiful. Late last night an amazing dream of a house far away in the south.

Fall Ball and Birthday at Osteria Philadelphia

There was an egg on the Lombardo pizza when Ryan turned 21 in Philadelphia. Not long after that another trip to watch the boys play " fall ball" in a tournament. Nice to see my two favorite players out on the field.

Back to School for R and O

Late Summer Wedding

perfect day on the peninsula at Osgood Pond just north of Saranac - surrounded by blue.