Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shawn Colvin = Nothing Like You

she's singing this live in bora bora. can you teach me how to play this chris ?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Festival In Califon

"If the heart wills, at once the foot begins to dance, from neediness toward abundance." Rumi

Lovely afternoon festival "Hearts of Hope" in Califon with Chris and Alyssa singing songs like "Only One" by Gillian Welch and "Rivertown" by Chris McNally and Kevin Curran. Andrea dancing barefoot on the grass. Thanks for including me today.

Trees Blossoming

This is the tree down the street being majestic in late April. Took this photo from the mailbox.

Remembering Chris Whitley

Just found out about this event today - sorry to have missed it.

To Take A Step Without Feet

"Bird of the soul, speak in your own words, and I will understand. The heart replied: I was in the workplace the day this house of water and clay was fired. I was already fleeing that created house, even as it was being created. "


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Residency Visit

Went to visit a rural school today in western NJ to see a quilting residency in progress. Fell in Love with some of the little images

Will Richardson

The NJ Arts Education Collective Conference took place on Monday - the culmination of a full year's planning and colaboration with partnering organizations. It was a great gathering of creative individuals sharing ideas about arts education. Sir Ken Robinson gave an amazing keynote address - www.tedtalks.com - and Will Richardson gave an amazing overview of "what's possible" in a 21st Century Classroom. www.chartingthecourse.wikispaces.com - a very inspiring day.

It must be the Style and Glory

It must be the style and glory because it sure isn't the paycheck.

Just Breathe

Sometimes it's nice to look at the ocean and just breathe.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Late for the Sunset

Late for the sunset but not too late for the afterglow. Thanks Jackie and Stan for a lovely night.

I Give Up

I think it impossible to get both of Patty's puppies looking at the camera at the same time.

A Favorite Path

This is one of my favorite little paths and I have walked down this little path many,many, many times..always happily. I can remember when it was only a sand path through the trees that locals knew about - by Penny's pier. A special place


Took my mom to see this cute movie yesterday, my dad was a "leatherhead" before he was a pilot.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Magenta Door

Patty is renting office space in a new building. this is just one part of her new view

A Post from Patty's Blog

"My mother rocks...literally. She rocks babies every Wednesday morning for an Easter Seals nursery. Early in the morning, her girlfriend Jeanne picks her up. Between the two of these women, they've given birth to and raised 16 kids. They drive the back roads to get to the nursery, staying off the Interstate and avoiding the traffic of snowbirds and tee times. They've been doing this for about six months and it's so funny to hear my mom talk about it. She has first-step stories, and tumbles and crawling tales. She has something to say about each little infant.Her job is simply to rock them. She cradles each baby in turn, calming the criers, soothing the teethers. It fills me with great hope that in this cold and jaded world there are people like my mother and her friend who are so loving they actually change the world around them, armed with nothing but lullabies. She can calm any baby, including me, one of her biggest. (Just wanted to say I love you Mom and how proud I am to be your daughter.) Love,Patty"

News from the Lacrosse Field

MORRIS TWP. -- Technically it isn't a sign of the apocalypse but a Morristown boys lacrosse winning streak has been about as common as a dodo bird sighting. They almost never happen, especially in the last few years. Now the Colonials are on a roll. The last time Morristown (2-2) won back-to-back games was in 2001. The Colonials registered back-to-back wins against Hanover Regional and Ridge in early May of that year and eventually finished 7-11 that season. Since then they haven't won more than three games in a year.

The Colonials' two victories equaled their win total for all of last season (2-17). It is the second year of coach Jeff Bigas' efforts to revitalize the program. His teachings seem to be taking hold. One huge addition has been the transfer of Ryan Reuther from Seton Hall Prep. His knack of winning faceoffs has given the Colonials offense more possessions and the defense more chances to rest.

"He's the surprise," Bigas said. "He was a talented hockey player. He has those quick hands and he's a tough scrapper. ... He might be the catalyst of our team right now just by getting us the ball."

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

silent patch of ultimate paint.