Friday, August 22, 2008

What Lies Within Us

First day at College for Ryan. This fieldstone building is his dorm and his room overlooks this lawn. It was pretty easy to help him unpack all his stuff but really hard to wave goodbye. He's a special kid. "What lies behind us, what lies before us, are small matters compared to what lies within us." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rosemont Cafe

Long and beautiful ride through lush summer meadows to arrive at the Rosemont Cafe to meet with a friend over lunch. Beautiful setting, wonderful conversation and absolutely delicious food. Roasted garlic and saffron soup followed by lamb and artichoke stew...and for desert, double chocolate shortbread cake with raspberries.

Beep Beep mmh Beep Beep... Yeah

Dan's inspired entry in the Artists Soapbox Derby held in Kingston, New York.  Way to go, Dan! A large white box of chinese takeout noodles with wheels won the grand prize but the Jersey Bombers represented the Garden State well. 

Off to College Party

A "farewell and good luck" party for Ryan with lots of well wishing and college advice from family and friends. "Be nice to girls"... "Enjoy this time for what it is"... Drink light beer"..."Reflect on your experiences and record your thoughts" "Be Good. Do Good."

Summer Festival

Spent Saturday afternoon at a family festival sponsored by the Neighborhood House.  Music, dance and beauty, so much beauty.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Water is Dreams

This is happening this summer and I am tempted to visit.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Paley's Park

Paley's Park keeps popping into my mind...haven't been there in years. Maybe I'll  try to visit soon.  It looks like this.   

Why It Works

A small vest pocket park in midtown Manhattan, the park was developed (and every detail considered) by the person who paid for it, William Paley, former Chairman of CBS. Mr. Paley was involved in all aspects of planning the park from its conception to the selection of just the right hot dog (which is still served at a reasonable price). Featured in William H. Whyte’s film The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, the park is a success for several reasons.

For one, it is located directly on the street so that people are attracted to look in and enter. It has good, reasonably priced food, as well as moveable chairs and tables that let people be comfortable and have some control over where they sit. A waterfall provides a dramatic focal point and a reason to enter the park; its noise blocks out the sounds of the city and creates a sense of quiet and privacy. There's adequate shade in the summer from the trees, though they allow a beautiful dappled light to pass through their leaves.

People that PPS interviewed in the park said that they liked it because they could be "alone" in a busy city and it gave them a quiet, restful feeling. In reality, Paley Park is a quite heavily used place, but the movable chairs allow people the freedom to sit where they choose. It is also very noisy - but the noise is white noise from the waterfall.

Olympic Medalist

Dana Torres ( the self-declared "old lady" of the olympics at age 42 ) won the silver medal yesterday. I think she should also get a medal for having one of the best smiles ever, training for the Olympics while raising a toddler and making something challenging look like so much fun.

This is a swimming pool in Vancouver, Canada and Dana Torres is the swimmer. Wouldn't it be cool to see more pools like this one in city settings ?

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Vacation Boys

Sometimes when I look at these two, it feels like I blinked and they turned into young men. Every morning they look taller, stronger, older and I wonder what they've done with the two little kids I used to know.

Have A Seat

Had breakfast at the Paris Bakery in West Palm Beach and found my chair. I have to admit it's really fun to have my own chair at the Paris Bakery. It's like having a very minimal outdoor office in a remote location that serves espresso. I bought this chair a few years ago at a party in the "dig-zone". The "dig-zone" was a name my sister Patty made up for the little neighborhood that surrounded her old office. Besieged by redevelopment and construction delays, the little shops and restaurants were very difficult to reach and patrons had to negotiate torn up sidewalks and yellow-taped off- limit areas just to get a sandwich or a cup of coffee and many people simply avoided the area. Patty helped turn things around by creating a very comical map and brochure about the "dig-zone" which she then convinced the town council to produce and distribute. After that she started organizing some street events and parties and the newspapers picked up on the story and people were curious enough to start checking out and patronizing the "dig-zone" restaurants. Now the work is completed and all that remains of the dig zone is the story and some chairs.

Vacation Photo

A photo of my mother behind the hibicus by the pool. She was such a good sport enduring so much ocean and pool time with us.